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CCW Course

In the State of Florida, the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services "shall issue" a license to carry concealed weapons to citizens that meet several criteria as defined in Florida Statute 790.006. One of that criteria, FL Statute 760.006 (h), requires demonstration of competency with a firearm. For citizens without documentation of previous firearms training, the easiest way to demonstrate this competency is by attending a concealed weapons license course presented under Florida law.

Eye & ear protection

Security Training

40 hour D Course

"D" Course - 42 hrs - $139.99

Includes: Instruction, application and notary.
The State of Florida requires a total of 40-hours of instruction for Class "D" license training. At East Orlando Security Academy, we offer the 40-hours of Class "D" training every week and include all information required by the State of Florida for initial license applicants.
In addition to lesson instruction, every student is walked through the State application process in a step-by-step manner to ensure that the license application is complete and filled out properly. Students passing the final exam will be given proof of completion to provide to the State when they apply for the Class "D" license. Please see the details below.

28 Hours  "G" Course

"G" Course - 28 hrs - $224.99

Includes: Gun rental, range fee, instruction, targets, application and notary. Ammo not included*
The Florida Armed Security Officer Course covers all information required by the State of Florida for Class "G" license applicants, including Florida Statues 493, 775, 776 and 790 • Firearms Safety & Mechanics • Civil Liability & Use of Force Issues • Handgun Marksmanship • Care and Maintenance of Firearms • Other required topics.

All Armed Security Officer G Course Includes-
Gun rental, range fee, instruction, targets, application & notary.

Course Pricing

Concealed Weapons Course - $99.99
Includes: Instructions, firearm, targets, introduction to
Florida Firearms Law and Ownership Book

Beginners Shooters Course 

Does not Include
Firearm, ammo, targets,
eye or hearing protection.

"D" and "G" Course Package - $349.99
Includes: Everything listed above. Ammo not included*

"G" Requalification - $99.99
Includes: Gun rental, range fee, instruction and targets. Ammo not included*

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