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As a service to our customers, Orlando Shooting Sports will happily handle the transfer of a firearm on your behalf from individuals or dealers alike! Our staff will assist you in facilitating the transaction professionally and on time. Our transfer policies are below. Please feel free to call us if you have any additional questions. Per Florida Law, all firearms have a 3 business day wait (unless you meet specific exemption criteria). Your wait begins once we have received your firearm and you subsequently visit our store to pay the transfer fee and fill out the Federal Form 4473. The transfer is contingent on background check approval. 


Please request that the dealer enclose a copy of their current FFL (Federal Firearms License) and your name and phone number so we may contact you once your firearm arrives. We know it is exciting to get a new gun. However, there is a process we must follow before you can pick up your firearm. Once your firearm is processed into our ATF Electronic Inventory System, we will call you. This takes place within 1 business day of receipt of your firearm. During busy times this may take a little longer. Please understand that we have hundreds of guns to process each week, and our staff works diligently to ensure that each one is received promptly while complying with all State and Federal regulations.

If you are receiving accessories or ammunition with your firearm, please request that the dealer send non-serialized items directly to your home. We cannot inventory and keep track of non-serialized items that are not invoiced to our company. Additional fees may be charged for packages not in the box with your firearm.


Despite common belief, Federal law DOES allow an individual to ship a firearm through a common carrier, as long as the receiving party has a valid FFL. The individual shipping the firearm should enclose a copy of their State Photo Identification and the purchaser's name and phone number. We can only send a copy of our FFL to other Federally Licensed Dealers. If the individual selling you the item needs to confirm the validity of our FFL, they may do so by visiting - They will need to call the store location they intend to ship the item to and ask for the first 3 and last 5 digits of our FFL.


The cost for these transfers is $44.99. This fee includes the FDLE background check required on all firearm transfers. Please note; firearms must be picked up within 30 days of receipt. After the initial 30 days, an additional $24.99 storage fee will be added to the price of the transfer fee. After 90 days, the item(s) will be considered abandoned and become the property of Orlando Shooting Sports.


Orlando Shooting Sports charges a non-refundable transfer fee for items not purchased from us, depending on the class of that item. There is no transfer fee for items purchased through Silencer Shop; the customer uses us as the transferring dealer. A convenience fee is also associated with using the SS kiosk for customers purchasing an NFA item from another class 3 dealer.

  • $200 Machine Gun

  • 200 SBR / SBS

  • $75 Suppressor

  • $40 Kiosk Fee

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